My name is Tiffani and I’m a proud stay at home homeschooling mom to 4 of the most amazing boys ever and the creator and formulator of Super Burn, Energy Shot and Super Skinny Protein.


After having my kids I became acutely aware of the crazy amount of chemicals and toxins my family was being exposed to everyday and more aware of this beautiful planet and all life on it. 


I was inspired to go as natural and cruelty free as possible. I began making healthy, all natural, vegan products for our household and myself. It became a passion, hobby, and a way for me to stay healthy and not lose myself.

I've experienced the ups and downs.


So I did a lot of research and tried a lot of things to improve it. That's how this product came to be. It made me feel and look better within the first week.

I am excited for others to enjoy these same results and renewed confidence using these natural and high quality products. We all want to feel and look our best but I believe we need to find ways that are healthy and respectful of our bodies, this beautiful earth and all of it's amazing creatures for our own good and future generations.

Tiffani Williams— Root and Sprouts Founder


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